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Beginning Bridge Series

Bridge 2.0

Basic Conventions and Declarer Play

Day of the Week: Monday
Dates: June 20 – August 8 (July 6 instead of July 4)
Number of Sessions: 8
Time: 6:30pm – 8pm ET / 3:30pm – 5pm PT
Fee: $75

This 8 week course (6 lessons and 2 practice sessions) has been custom designed for post-beginners and players who want to get back into the game. Simon says, ‘learn from Steinberg’. Steinberg says, ‘don’t memorize’. Learn basic conventions (Preempts, Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, Opening Bids, Blackwood Slam bidding) by bidding them. Learn to plan and play by planning and playing.

In Addition, Players who register in advance will be given a series-wide pass to attend Bridge With Leslie Brucker (formerly with the Beverly Hills Bridge Club and now exclusively with ClubKing). This course is normally only available to ClubKing Members.

Bridge with Leslie will be 6:30pm – 7:30pm ET (3:30pm -4:30pm PT) every Wednesday evening from June 22nd to August 10th.

Beginner Classes

Have you tried to learn how to play bridge or always wanted to learn? ClubKing offers an 8-week series (6 lessons and 2 beginning supervised practice sessions) designed for the absolute beginner or those wanting a basic review.

ClubKing’s unique introduction to bridge requires little to no memorization. You will learn by doing, not by rote. And you will learn quickly. Interactive notes are available for all sessions and recordings of the sessions are available for later viewing.

Learn to play bridge from Peter Steinberg, author of PLAY BRIDGE IN FOUR HOURS. One of America’s favorite and most popular bridge teachers, Peter has taught more than 8,000 beginners over his 45 years of teaching.

You have the choice of attending on Mondays or Wednesdays and both options feature the same content.

Interactive Note Packets

Every lesson includes interactive notes to help you strengthen your play with practice sheets


Get access to previous classes and watch them at your leisure

Play Groups

Test yourself


● Learn the basics

● Weekly interactive events

● Fun exercises