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Peter Steinberg

In his 45 years as a bridge teacher, Peter has taught more than 18,000 bridge classes, more than 9,000 beginners and more than 60,000 intermediate and advanced players .

A Shorthand Method to Simplify Bidding

A Shorthand Method to Simplify Bidding

I have a friend who wanted to learn everything he could about bidding in bridge. He was an avid and resourceful student. Standard American was his system of choice. He spent hours and hours trying to master it. He read every book, every article and every column that...

Do You Add Distribution Points?

I am often asked, “Do you add distribution points?” I once asked Al Roth the same question.  Now, it seems like it was a long time ago.  He’s in the...

Commonly Asked Questions

Today’s blog focuses on answers to some commonly asked bridge questions: Can I learn to play bridge online? Yes. ClubKing Incorporated offers the...

No Bull Bridge

The Countess and the Ice Cold Grand Slam I had just finished blitzing a high stakes money game at the International Bridge Club in Amsterdam. The...


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