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Peter Steinberg

In his 45 years as a bridge teacher, Peter has taught more than 18,000 bridge classes, more than 9,000 beginners and more than 60,000 intermediate and advanced players .

Do You Add Distribution Points?

Do You Add Distribution Points?

I am often asked, “Do you add distribution points?” I once asked Al Roth the same question.  Now, it seems like it was a long time ago.  He’s in the bridge Hall of Fame and he’s the winner of many national and international titles.  But he was most celebrated for...

Bridge at the UN

I remember when I first started teaching bridge in 1975. I had only been at it a year, when I lucked into teaching 5 people who worked at the United...

Alan Sontag’s humor

“I first met Peter Steinberg eight years ago in a New York City bridge club. He told me that the night before he had tried to teach a friend how to...


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