What is unique about ClubKing’s Beginning Bridge sessions? Oswald Jacoby described it perfectly in his forward to Peter’s book, Play Bridge in Four Hours:

“For over fifty years, I have believed firmly that an absolute beginner can only learn bridge by means of long and arduous study. The reason is that they have been taught by rote and by memorizing rule after rule.

This book offers a new teaching concept. It teaches beginners to do things, not to memorize rules. Not that you don’t have to use some memory here, but you will actually be remembering something you have done, not something you expect to do some time in the future.

The good bridge teacher—and there are lots of good bridge teachers—spends hours and hours just going over the basic rules. What is a trick? Which card wins a trick? Who leads the first trick? Who leads to later tricks? And so on.

Play Bridge in Four Hours should make it possible for a teacher to get into the nitty gritty of actual play in one tenth the time it normally takes. This won’t hurt the teacher at all. It will just let him teach more bridge so that his pupils will get a lot more value per lesson.

As for you, the person who wants to learn bridge by himself or a group who wants to learn without going to a teacher, this book will open the whole vista of bridge to you in just a few hours.”

Oswald Jacoby, winner of over 30 North American Championships and an IBL World Title, Bridge Hall of Fame, and inventor of Jacoby Transfers.

From Forward to Play Bridge in Four Hours by Peter Steinberg, 1978